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Real value gets people talking.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to the success of these companies.

Long-term relationship—
helped execute on growth strategy.

“We started working with Critical3 Marketing in 2004 when we were poised to accelerate our growth and needed to make a strategic shift in our business from a partner-dependent channel to a direct sales model. They developed a clear, differentiating message and efficient lead generation programs, both of which continue to benefit us to this day. Critical3 played a significant role in helping us to make the move to a direct model and grow our customer base.”

fiserv Kevin Tweddle
Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv

Best of both worlds—
strategy and execution.

“With Critical3, we get the best of both worlds. They can sit at the executive table as our CMO for strategic planning, while also executing our tactical marketing. They don’t act or operate like an agency – they do what we need, when we need it.”

NPI Financial Jon Winsett
Managing Partner
NPI Financial

Start-up to high-growth—
Critical3 contributes to 400% upsurge in customers.

“We turned to Critical3 to help us in our transition from startup to high-growth. We were impressed by how quickly Critical3 got up-to-speed on really understanding our business, and how they were able to create a message for us that is both compelling and easy to comprehend. Now, we leverage Critical3 as our outsourced marketing team. They’ve made a huge contribution to the 400% increase we’ve experienced in our customer base over the past four years.”

Banker's Dashboard Chris Bledsoe
Banker’s Dashboard

Proven messaging approach—
delivers clear, consistent positioning with staying power.

“As we were positioning ControlScan for growth, we turned to Critical3 Marketing to help us update our brand image and develop messaging that would work for both sales and marketing. Following their messaging process, they helped us create positioning that communicates our unique value proposition. Consistency is king in effective marketing, and it is a real testament to the effectiveness of Critical3’s approach that we are still using the message internally and externally two years later.”

ControlScan Joan Herbig

CriticalStart delivers—
with almost immediate results.

“We’ve been around for a long time and had experienced challenges in describing exactly what we do and how an institution could benefit from working with us. Critical3 created a CriticalStart plan that addressed these issues including messaging, updated branding and a new website. We now have a company message that tells our story clearly and concisely, and shares information in a compelling fashion. We saw results almost immediately. Prospective customers are excited about what we offer and want to find out more. Current customers pay attention to what we put in front of them. Critical3 has definitely had a huge impact on incoming leads and sales generated, plus our image in the industry.”

QwickRate Shawn O’Brien

Branding and messaging—
making noise in the industry and producing record customer growth.

“Critical3 Marketing has helped take WebEquity from a relatively unknown to a real player that is making significant noise in the industry. They rebranded the company and developed a clear, compelling message that has improved both our sales and marketing effectiveness. Critical3’s contribution has helped us produce record customer growth.”

WebEquity Solutions Doug McGregor
WebEquity Solutions

Strategic advisor—
key contributor to global expansion.

“We have leveraged Critical3's strengths as a go-to-market strategic advisor. From helping us to create our messaging and positioning, to revamping our website, they have been a key part of our team as we continue to expand in the Americas market.

Stonesoft Inc. Laurie Douglas
Vice President of Marketing, Americas
Stonesoft Inc.

Trusted partner, high-quality results—
from strategic direction to tactical execution.

“Critical3 Marketing is a trusted business partner working as an extension of our team. We know we can count on them to provide high-quality results in everything they do from strategic direction to fast, efficient tactical execution on a wide variety of marketing initiatives including branding, messaging, integrated campaigns, industry conferences, PR, advertising, Website, email communications, and Webinars.”

fiserv Andy Grinstead
SVP and Marketing Director
Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv

Breaking the mold—
a more flexible, experienced alternative to an agency or freelance contractor.

“Critical3 Marketing’s model is very different from an agency or freelance contractor. They are a full service, experienced marketing resource that has helped us with our marketing strategy, program development and campaign execution. Critical3 focuses on ROI and applies creativity, current marketing trends and technologies to tailor programs to meet our specific needs. I have found Critical3 to be very responsive and it is a huge benefit to be able to turn to one source for all our marketing needs.”

Pivot Group Jim Soenksen
Pivot Group

A trusted partner—
from company launch to revenue growth.

“We need a marketing partner that understands our business and that is why we work with Critical3. They listened to what we wanted to do with our new company and created the ideal name and an awesome website! The website represents the message we developed together perfectly and has supported our tremendous revenue growth.

motion10 Daan Scheer
Founder and CEO

Quality marketing assistance—
helps us meet objectives and timelines.

“If we are looking for an excellent, outside marketing resource for a particular project, we know we can count on Critical3 Marketing. They understand our business, and work closely with our team to provide quality services that help meet our objectives and timelines. Critical3 has assisted us with employee messaging and communications as well as internal and external communications related to company acquisitions.”

Radiant Systems John Heyman
Radiant Systems

Invaluable partner—
a more flexible, experienced alternative to an agency.

"Having worked with Critical3 on a wide variety of projects, I am consistently impressed with their ability to deliver beyond expectations and execute with precision.  The combination makes them an invaluable partner."

IBT Enterprises Jenny Cathrow
VP Marketing
IBT Enterprises

Creative thinking—
push us to do more and stay focused on our customers’ needs.

“One way Critical3 Marketing makes a huge contribution is by bringing creative thinking to the table. Because of their knowledge of our business and our customers they consistently push us to do more, to think more creatively and to keep our positioning focused on the current business issues of our target market. There is no way we could have received this level of expertise for the same value if we hired someone internally.”

fiserv Kevin Tweddle
EVP Sales and Operations
Bank Intelligence Solutions from Fiserv

Sales and marketing expertise—
a crucial combination.

“Critical3 helped us to take our image and our business to the next level.  Their expertise in both sales and marketing was crucial for Texas Digital.  We now have a message that works for the broader market and most importantly, in execution for our sales team.”

Texas Digital Linda Fitzpatrick
VP Sales
Texas Digital

New message and Website—
establishes market credibility and yields significant revenue generation.

“In addition to messaging development, Critical3 Marketing also took on our Website project. Our new Website has been transformational for ControlScan. It has helped establish market credibility and yield significant revenue generation. I believe by taking on these two projects in tandem, we were able to ensure a very consistent face to our marketplace and easily incorporate our positioning throughout all our marketing deliverables.”

ControlScan Heather Foster
VP of Marketing

From strategy to execution—
a core part of our team.

“Critical3 Marketing is an important partner and a part of the QwickRate family. They lead our marketing strategies and then help us execute our plans from start to finish. We don’t have to worry about finding the right marketing resources or managing them. Plus, we get the benefit of their creative ideas and years of experience. We’ve increased our subscriber base by 40% since we started working with Critical3.”

QwickRate Pam Sarubbi
Sales Manager

A new face and message—
for a company transition.

“When we were acquired, Critical3 helped us make the transition. On the recommendation of our new sister company, we engaged Critical3 to assist with everything including a new name, a new face and a new company message. We were very pleased with how fast they got to know us and how they distilled our message to three key points that help differentiate us from the competition. Critical3 continues to work with us as our marketing partner, creating and executing programs to grow our customer base and our loan volume.”

QR Lending Tom Pisapia
Executive Vice President
QR Lending

Website plays vital role—
Critical3 work pays off.

“Because we are a manufacturer’s representative, our website plays a vital role in recruiting both new manufacturers and new customers. Critical3 worked with us to fine tune our company story, create a website that helps communicate it effectively, and they continue to help us keep the information fresh and up-to-date. We have received very positive feedback about the site and the information it contains. Thanks to Critical3 for all of the work you’ve done that continues to pay off for us.”

Blair Engineering Southeast Inc. Steve Fabian
Blair Engineering Southeast Inc.

Hands-on approach—
fast, efficient and effective.

“The real-world sales and marketing experience of Critical3’s principals, combined with their hands-on approach, made project delivery fast, efficient, and immediately effective.

Seagull Software Kim Addington
Seagull Software

Product launch—
an integral part of our product design, branding, and launch.

“Critical3 has played an integral part in the product design, field testing, branding and market launch of our brand new software product,— Growing Tales™.”

Growing Tales Suzanne Henderson
Founder and CEO
Down South Software, Inc.


Positioning and branding—
delivering beyond the commitment.

“Critical3 participated in the strategic definition of our company and delivered key positioning and corporate branding. At each step in our process, Critical3 delivered above and beyond their commitment and our expectations.”

BuyGeorgia Jay Clark
Founder and CEO


Outsourced marketing resource—
offers experience and a cost-effective way to fuel growth.

“Critical3 Marketing works with us as an integrated extension of our team; they are professional, easy to work with and provide the B2B technology marketing experience we need. We benefit from their strategic advice and tactical execution capabilities. Getting this level of expertise from a cost-effective, outsourced resource enables us to focus efforts on building a world-class sales engine to fuel growth.”

WebEquity Solutions Doug McGregor
WebEquity Solutions

Outsourced marketing—
from strategic direction to tactical execution.

“Covast requires a marketing partner that has the experience to deliver and the capacity to understand our market and its changing dynamics. Critical3 delivers all of this – they are our complete marketing organization. The level of their resources across all marketing areas is top notch!”

Covast Daan Scheer
Founder and CEO

A powerful website—
met tight timeline and exceeded expectations.

"Critical3 Marketing guided us in translating our products and strategic message into a visually powerful website that spoke to multiple audiences in a relevant fashion. They were also able to meet our tight timeline for launch without any compromises to quality."

IBT Enterprises Jenny Cathrow
VP Marketing
IBT Enterprises

Viral marketing program creates buzz—
monthly newsletter grows to 13,000 subscribers.

“One of our biggest marketing successes is our monthly newsletter, Thinkbank. Critical3 helped us harness the content and ideas we had internally into a newsletter that has created real market buzz in our industry. From its initial design to ongoing monthly execution, Critical3 plays a vital role and has helped us grow our subscriber base to over 13,000 contacts.”

Banker's Dashboard Chris Bledsoe
Banker’s Dashboard

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