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messaging & positioning

Can messaging drive revenue and close sales? You bet.

What do you do? It’s a simple question. But, if your prospect’s eyes glaze over when you answer, or if the answer varies from sales person to sales person, then something’s wrong. We help you get to the point.

Your message – or your “story” – is the cornerstone of your selling efforts. At Critical3, we guide our clients through a proven messaging process. It will distill your complex B2B technology offerings into a compelling, engaging message that speaks to your target market. Our process is centered on “The Power of 3.” For a message to be effective, it must meet these three criteria:

  1. Concise – We’ll create a message that strips away the jargon to help you get to the heart of your company’s value. The result is messaging that’s easy for everyone to understand and remember, from sales and management to prospects and customers.

  2. Compelling – One of the biggest messaging mistakes is allowing your company or product to take center stage instead of focusing on your customer’s business challenges. Critical3 makes sure your message speaks directly to your customer’s pain points, while communicating what makes your solution unique.

  3. Consistency – Consistency is critical, especially when it comes to raising your visibility in the marketplace. It’s all about reinforcing your message over and over again to create the brand recognition, thought leadership and market credibility that drives sales. Critical3 works with you to create and maintain a consistent message across all marketing and sales mediums.

Need help with your story? Call on Critical3.


As we were positioning ControlScan for growth, we turned to Critical3 Marketing to help us update our brand image and develop messaging that would work for both sales and marketing. Following their messaging process, they helped us create positioning that communicates our unique value proposition. Consistency is king in effective marketing, and it is a real testament to the effectiveness of Critical3’s approach that we are still using the message internally and externally two years later.”

ControlScan Joan Herbig

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